CLIP OF THE DAY: Marko Stunt vs Brett Ison, Southern Underground Pro 2018

Anyone who doesn’t think Marko Stunt can work his ass off needs to watch his early stuff in Southern Underground Pro. When a promoter books Stunt to his strengths – as indies usually do – the matches come off as brilliant. And this is one such match – Nashville’s Basement East, which was the home of SUP for years (recently reopened after being badly damaged in the Nashville tornado of 3/3/20), was IDEAL for Marko’s style (and brother Logan’s as well), and it’s unique set up allowed for a lot more crazy stunts (no pun intended) to be tried and performed. I’m not gonna mince words here – SPOILER ALERT – this match does NOT end well for Marko, who lost his Bonestorm Championship to Ison in this match. But when it comes to his work, it shows how truly GOOD Stunt is – not just his offensive moves, but the amount of punishment he can take, and how good he makes his opponent look, and Ison is no slouch either – the two work together to make a completely believable David v Goliath match, and make it shine. In all honesty, despite the outcome and in terms of pure action, this is one of the BEST wrestling matches in Marko’s entire career.